Month: March 2020

When Strife Shows Up with COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders

For all the struggles due to the stay-at-home orders, there’s hope. James gives us both a call to respond in humility and a comfort in the provision of abundant grace.

The Power of Words in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Words carry power. Words can both protect and preserve. James 3 highlights the immense power of our words and the words of others.

Work That’s Smarter and Maybe Harder

Work. Some of us need to do more work. Some of us work for the wrong reasons. James speaks to us both.

Your “Favorites” Matter

Favorites. We all have them. And yet, we’re called to not have them. Thanks, James.

Remembering (or Forgetting) What You See, What You Read, and Where Your Park

We value what we remember. James calls us to remember with intentionality that fuels obedience.