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Home Inspections, Hard Days, and Abundant Wisdom

James 1:1-11 shows us that there’s always purpose in our pain. God is not wasting our trials.

Encouragement for Preachers of the Word

We listen to you every single Sunday. Preacher, be encouraged and equipped in your sermon writing.

Evaluation of Sermon Prep and Preaching

A desire for growth demands a desire for feedback. Whether you’ve preached five sermons or five hundred sermons, the Lord continues to grow us. And this sphere of growth happens both on the front end of preparation as well as on the back end…

Experiences as a Pastor’s Wife and Preacher of the Gospel

I’m married to a pastor, the one who preaches the sermon on Sundays. And yet, let’s discuss preaching. After all, as the wife of a preacher, I’ve often heard the sermon five times before it’s preached on Sunday mornings. Lucky me, right? Now while…

Hungry Appetites and Holy Affections: 4 Gospel Truths to Combat Food Addiction

The Lord has and is making all things-even eating-new.