when hosting isn’t hospitality

Christmas parties, holiday dinners, gift exchanges. Tis the season for all that’s merry and bright. And of course, this year looks differently with pandemic restrictions. So as we continue this advent season filled with Christmas trees, festive decorations, and hot cocoa with our “masked up” friends and family, how can we view hospitality in the light of the gospel?

Maybe it’s because I’m from Texas. Maybe it’s because I appreciate being the guest as well as the host. Or maybe it’s because God has hard-wired me (and all of us) to love people well and to serve them earnestly—to be hospitable. 

For those of you who are finishing up a Bible reading plan for 2020, how many times have you seen hospitality mentioned from Genesis through Revelation? While neither the Old Testament nor the New Testament have explicit, extensive teaching on hospitality, the gospel does compel us to generous hospitality. 

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