all the single ladies

July 1, 2016. A walk around White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas that forever changed my life. At the age of 32, I found myself wrestling with my singleness and thus wrestling with my Savior. While I knew a Biblical theology of singleness, the practical application of this season of my life had left me discouraged, tired, and honestly just weary.

Whether you married your high school sweetheart, you find yourself on a dating app hopeful to meet a godly man, or you’re recently divorced or have become a widow, singleness often portrays itself in various ways. While a season of singleness looks differently for each of us, the Lord has designed singleness on purpose and for a purpose. 

Singles in the Christian sphere often find themselves isolated from the rest of the community. The Scriptures remind us that our identity is not in our marital status. Whether single or married, you are in Christ. Your identity is sure, steady, and not based upon your singleness. And yet, how do we view singleness from a Christian perspective? How do we walk out singleness faithfully and encourage others in this season? Answers to these questions color not only our perspective but also our pursuits.

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